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2010 to the Present

Central to my publications and presentations is Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog, launched on WordPress in September, 2011 and visited by some 200 nations since then. It is designed, composed and managed by me personally. There are both primary articles which I update regularly, and more frequent posts sharing opinions and advice.

The below activities were conducted as a public service, free of charge. When an honorarium or other payment has been provided, I have noted it.



Coffee, bagels and “asking” at the Regional Foundation Library! Thanks to everyone who attended – I enjoyed sharing my experiences about asking for donations.
  • Coffee Chat at the Regional Foundation Library, Austin. On May 25, I enjoyed discussing asking for major gifts, and turning difficult situations into positive outcomes. What a great group – committed to so many important missions – and such marvelous questions. By the way, if anyone attending this event (or reading this page) has additional questions, use the secure contact form on this website to reach me. Thank you for the Starbucks gift card!
  • 2017 AFP DFW Philanthropy in Action conference, May 19 at the Irving Convention Center, “Asking for Major Gifts: Expecting the Unexpected.” My thanks go to Enterprise for providing travel support through a discount to The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi (I have been a member since 1985). I was delighted to have a “full house,” and so many excellent questions.
2017 DFW Philanthropy in Action
Thanks to everyone who attended my “Asking for Major Gifts: Expecting the Unexpected” presentation at the Irving Convention Center.
Sam Houston State
Speaking to computer scientists at Sam Houston State was a treat. Many students here are interested in changing the world for the better using their tech skills and social good inclinations.
Podcasting at Home
Here I am at my home office, getting ready to “podcast” with Steve Vick of Nonprofit Ally. I really enjoyed our conversation!
  • Nonprofit Ally, “Insider Tips from a Professional Grant Writer” podcast (recorded January 6), is now live. This is an hour of discussion about grant writing from the perspective of senior level grant writer, including issues that affect grant writing (things that are in your control, and those that are not), and more.



  • National Catholic Development Conference, Dimensions, “Mailing Lists: God Is In The Details” (October/November 2015 issue). This is an article from my primary website, Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog, reprinted. I was honored to be included in the primary development journal for Catholic fundraisers. You may know that I have volunteered to help my colleagues in the Catholic Church in prior years, both for private school (advice for volunteer fundraisers), and for special projects like the cathedral organ in Corpus Christi. I am Episcopalian, but I am very fond especially of Pope Francis who like me, is an environmental advocate.
  • TEXSAR: Texas Search and Rescue presentation to the Travis County Kennel Club (November, 2015). I enjoyed giving a private presentation to the Board of the Club about TEXSAR and its use of canines in search and rescue (and search and recovery) efforts in Texas. Follow the link to my slide deck on SlideShare. One result of this activity was the donation of several pet emergency rescue kits to TEXSAR!
  • I spoke to the Coastal Bend Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals on August 25 at Del Mar Community College in Corpus Christi, Texas. The focus of the talk was the Certified Fund Raising Executive credential, from the formal process involved and studying to take the CFRE examination, to personal perspectives about certification. I served on the Board of this chapter ca. 2003 until I moved from Corpus Christi in 2010, and it was a pleasure to visit my professional colleagues in the region. In fact, after all these years in the nonprofit sector, I find some of the finest nonprofit fundraising professionals live and work in that region.
  • “Blogging Your Nonprofit Career on WordPress” was a presentation I gave during WordPress Day at the Austin Convention Center in March, immediately prior to the 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference. My slide deck is posted on SlideShare. I wrote an article a few years ago about this topic on Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog (several supportive links are provided at the conclusion). In brief, I discussed how I “hacked” WordPress on my own, what I learned from doing that, and the thought processes involved in developing the content found in Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog.
  • Thanks to NTEN: Nonprofit Technology Network for including me in, “NTEN Member Roundup” (January 6).


  • Click on the photograph above to listen to a one-hour podcast by Steve Vick of Nonprofit Ally (October). Steve interviewed me about “asking.” The podcast also discusses approaching corporations for funding. Several personal examples are provided. Texans will enjoy a bit of nonprofit history, and shout-outs go to GuideStar, NTEN, Asking Matters, Texas Nature Conservancy, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Bloomerang, late friend and mentor Richard C. Bartlett and more.
  • I gave a presentation called, “Fundraising Predictions: 2014 and Beyond” for the Texas Library Association (June 9). To see more recent discussions along this line, go to Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog.
  • I enjoyed giving a presentation during the AFP DFW Philanthropy in Action Conference at the Irving Convention Center, “Digital ‘Do It Yourself’ for Major Gift Professionals” (June). Thanks to my audience, I was pleased to have had a packed room.
  • I was part of a team of teachers involved in the CFRE Review Course in Austin June 9-10. My session focused on donor and prospective donor research and discussed best practices. I also helped teach the capital campaign module for the CFRE Review Course in summer, 2008.
  • Bloomerang Google+ Hangout (video) with Steven Shattuck, “Tips for Working At or With a Start-up Nonprofit” (March). Among other things, good advice for all those Boomers wanting to launch new nonprofits!
  • Bloomerang, “The Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit Grant Writing and Research” (February). The title is not mine, but I am honored they chose it for this piece.
  • Bloomerang, “6 Expert Fundraising Predictions for 2014” (January).


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I am a fan of Grasshopper! In fact, I have a number courtesy of Grasshopper for those of you outside of my area code: 1-800-501-2136. Email is preferred for introductions, however (use the secure contact form on this site).


  • Margaret Battistelli wrote for Fundraising Success, “NTC: Roundup: Major Gift Fundraising and Social Media” (April 20). Margaret attended my talk during the 2010 Nonprofit Technology Conference at CNN Center in Atlanta, and I appreciated her coverage. My slide deck for this presentation on SlideShare ranked in the top ten from the conference for a year, even though my talk was expected to be of modest interest. As an aside, this slide deck was my first on SlideShare. Since then, more than 60,000 have visited my profile on the platform. Keep in mind, back in 2010, many believed social media to be a toy and something only for young people. My suggestion that it could be used to support major gift communications was viewed as fairly radical, by young and old alike! I was amused that after my presentation, while having coffee in the hotel lobby, SlideShare emailed to report my slide deck was being downloaded at a very rapid speed and more than any other presentation on its platform.

Other Presentations

During my university days while attending graduate school, I authored and co-authored a number of art and art history articles in scholarly publications, from The University of Texas Press to The Magazine Antiques. Please refer to LinkedIn for information about these earlier pursuits.

I started this list with the year 2010. That was when I began giving more public presentations. The economy had taken a dive and major gift fundraising efforts were few and far between. I finally had time after more than two decades of relentless, hands-on major gift work to write and speak about my experiences. In 2011, I launched Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog. Questions? Contact me any time via the secure contact form provided on this website.