Carolyn’s Online Links | Quick Reference

Prickly Pear at The Domain
This was taken a block from my former home at The Domain in North Austin.

This list includes my activity on a variety of online platforms, and my work with various software programs.

I post on social personally and do not use an “auto-posting” service. Having become familiar with each platform, I find it easy – and more appropriate given the different audiences of each – to post on them individually and separately. I established my presence on the below platforms myself.


Other Platforms

  • Alignable | Living Local in Austin
  • Angel List | I enjoy working with startups and innovators of all kinds, and I have also shared a few new projects for which I would like to secure funding on this platform
  • Crowdrise | While I do not use it often, I have established a Crowdrise page for a nonprofit organization in the past and I find it user-friends for both crowdfunding and for simple one-time donations (great option for startups on a budget; low processing fees)
  • Dropbox | For collaborative work in the cloud and secure transfer of large documents (registered as: | Personal documents are secured by Carbonite (since 2003)
  • Eventbrite | I have a personal page, and I have posted and managed events for nonprofits using this platform (I like this platform a lot)
  • Facebook page for Carolyn M. Appleton, Inc. | Est. summer, 2015
  • Goodreads
  • Google+ | In regular use are Google Calendar, Docs, Drive, Hangout, Mail, Maps, Movie/Animations/Photos, YouTube and Search | My primary Google+ page is informally called, “Carolyn’s News” | I also have a Google+ professional profile (a place marker), and a modest “Collection” on Google+, “Nonprofit Advice and Resources”
  • GreatNonprofits | I have my own review page, but have also set-up a few profiles for nonprofit organizations (usually in tandem with GuideStar profiles, of which I have done several)
  • GuideStar | See the widget
  • Instagram | Photographs and videos are all by me unless otherwise noted
  • LinkedIn | Here is a link to my series of blog posts on LinkedIn
  • Livestream | I use it just for watching events (rather than broadcasting)
  • Meetup Nonprofit Tech Club Austin | NTEN and NetSquared affiliate | Profile established, managed by me (I have also done a ReadyTalk webinar for global tech club organizers explaining how I set up and manage our Meetup) | I created a tandem TWUBS (tweet pooling platform) for #NPTechClubATX
  • Periscope | I enjoy broadcasting with Periscope now-and-again
  • Pinterest | I am a regular “pinner” | More than 500 daily impressions; 350 average daily visitors; 10,000 to 14,000 average monthly viewers
  • Slack | NetSquared Team (global tech club organizers)
  • SlideShare | Est. 2010 | SlideShare is now a division of LinkedIn, but I was on it prior to the acquisition | More than 60,000+ site visits to date
  • Tumblr | I have three Tumblrs (this link is the primary one)
  • Twitter | Est. 2010 | Click to review my follower stats on Slideshare (they do vary over time but generally, I have a high net worth following)
  • Vitae | The Chronicle of Higher Education | Primarily a platform where I list many of the donors from whom I have received grants
  • Yelp | Personal opinions, some work related and others not | Joined the Yelp Elite Squad at the conclusion of October, 2016 and within two months, my review visits topped 30,000+
  • YouTube | I have been creating videos using YouTube Video Editor for myself and others, as well as Google Movies (examples of both may be viewed here)

I do have interests aside from my primary focus on nonprofit fundraising and social media communications. The two following Tumblrs focus on those endeavors:

Additional Notes

  • I use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint in my daily work | I have launched and managed email communication programs using Constant Contact, iContact and MailChimp | I have used simple Excel spreadsheets and Word tables and charts to manage major gift campaigns with great success, and also CRMs like Z2 NEON (and a modest amount of Raiser’s Edge) | I have used WealthEngine on three separate occasions (using basic Microsoft Access) | I find software programs fairly easy to learn and adopt, and I have completed numerous online grant applications using various types of software programs as required.
  • I have experience setting-up and managing giving platforms like Amplify Austin, GivingTuesdayGoFundMe and Crowdrise | If you need help setting up your page and/or managing your online campaigns, let me know.
  • My personal page on Facebook is reserved for friends, some going back to grade school days, professional colleagues, family, donors, volunteers and professional advisors | An “open” link is not included | I have been active on Facebook since January, 2009 and it was my first social media platform | I created a new Arbonne Facebook page in December, 2016.
My Skype “handle” is carolynmmappleton2015. I always ask those wishing to Skype with me, to send me an email first (or use the secure contact form found on this site). By appointment only. Thank you!
  • Skype | Nonprofit Ally interviewed me for a podcast on fundraising via Skype and hence, I established an account (carolynmappleton2015).
  • Now defunct platforms: RebelMouse and my former WordPress site called Fundraising Resources (which was merged with Carolyn’s Nonprofit Blog in 2015, and even earlier than that, it was a freestanding Earthlink website) | If you have questions, use the secure contact form found on this website.

I own my WordPress and Tumblr website URLs (domains), with being primary. All content on those sites and on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, LinkedIn SlideShare, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and the like has been created and managed by me personally unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.

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